Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Little House Making Party - More Prep and FAQ

I'm starting to panic now, even though things are probably under control. This is normal behavior for me before a party. I have these delusional grand ideas that get me sidetracked and then I have trouble doing what is important. I guess that is normal HUMAN behavior, not just specific to me.

Anyway, here is a photo of some trees that my friends, Kathy and Constance, dyed for me. Aren't they beautiful? Most of the colors are Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains. They are so vibrant. I love them. My favorite colors are Twisted Citron (the lighter green in the background), Peacock Feathers (way in the background), Festive Berries (the beautiful red on the left side) and surprisingly, Mustard Seed. I didn't expect to like the yellow color, but I do. I think the regular green and purple are colors I made from Rit dye I got at the grocery store. Not sure what spray was used for the pink trees.

Here is the Frequently Asked Question section for my friends who are coming to the party.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is this party? The Little House Making Party is at Lucy’s house. The address is on the bulletin board at work.

What time is the party? It’s from 5 pm to 9 pm on Sunday, November 19th and Monday, November 20th at the same time. I host the party on 2 days because I work in the ER and I’d like my co-workers to be able to attend on one of the days they are off. 

What about kids? It’s a party for crafting, but that doesn’t mean that kids can’t attend. Some kids will do great making houses. I just think it’s difficult to do small, somewhat detailed crafts with scissors and cutting instruments and hot glue if you are trying to keep your eye on a small child. You decide what works best for you and your kids. There will be at least one pediatrician at the party.

What about food? I will make the 3 things I know how to cook well - Homemade bread, Pasta salad, and Chocolate Chip cookies. So here’s the menu:
Homemade bread and cheese plate
Fruit and vegetable plate with crackers, chips and dips
Pasta salad
Chocolate Cookies with pecans
Soft drinks, wine, beer

What should I bring? You don’t really have to bring anything. If you have a special appetizer that you like to bring to parties, you are most welcome to bring that, but I think I will have enough food here. Also, I have all the crafting items needed to make a really cute house. 

Are there any specific RULES about making the houses? Why yes, there are a few rules: 
Pick one house and finish it before starting another.
Try to share embellishments like 1 big tree or 2-3 small trees or 1 Santa or Snowman or 1-2 birds so everyone can decorate their houses. 
Keep the paintbrushes in water so they don’t dry out and close paints so they don’t dry out.
Put things back so people can find tools and supplies.
Have a good time making the little house.

Will I have time to finish a little house? The houses and bases are pre-made so you should be able to finish in about an hour. You really can't glitter the houses in that short a period of time so if you want to add lots of glitter to your little house, you will have to do it at your home. The fluffy paint called Snowtex also takes awhile to dry, but since it is used more sparingly as the last detail, it will work ok if you can carry it to your house while it is a little wet.

What about all those cats you have? Well, I don’t really have that many cats any more. There will be 3 locked up in a back bedroom hiding from the noise (Sunshine, Baby Girl Blue and Betty Boop). Daisy and Bill Bill (not a typo, his name is Bill Bill) mainly stay outside. I vacuum like crazy to get rid of hairballs, but if you have a cat allergy I would recommend an antihistamine before you come over. 

Are you ever going to finish the renovation on your bathrooms and kitchen? Yes, at this pace both bathrooms and the kitchen will be finished in about 3 years. Right now they are a little dated, to put it mildly.

Any more questions? You can leave a question here or call or text me. 

I look forward to seeing you at the party!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Little House Making Party Update

Finished the sample house poster for display at the party. I made 3 houses different ways - one coated with paper, one painted and one finished like gingerbread. I also made a little sample bag of windows and other embellishments to go around the house. 

Today friends are over helping me with priming the houses and staining Christmas trees. I realize now that I need more little tiny trees. 

Here are the instructions that I will post at the party, some of them are on the poster. I am going to put the poster on the first table where people pick out the pre-made house. I used Jingle Brads to adhere everything on the poster so I can use it later for another project.

1. Paint house first, let dry. Or you can cover the Village Dwelling, (little square house), the birdhouse, and the Village Brownstone (looks a bit like a church) with scrapbook paper cut to size. 

2. Decorate with windows, doors, garlands, or other embellishments that actually go on the house - felt snow, chimneys, wreaths, or the paper porch.

3. Pick out the type base you want to use. Thick cardboard bases are for houses where you want a small LED light to fit in the bottom of the house (not for birdhouses). Thin bases work if you want the house to fit on in a small place or hang on the tree. They also are for the birdhouses.

4. The two options for bases are paint or cover your base with scrapbook paper. Cut the paper to size, glue on with Mod Podge. 

5. Glue the house to the base with the hot glue gun so it will adhere faster. 

6. Decorate the base with fences, fence posts, figures like the Santa or Snowman, ribbon around the edges, add trees if you want. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Little House Making Party Progress

I've been working hard on getting ready for the party where we make little cardboard Christmas houses.

It is a challenge for me for several reasons:

  1. My house is a crafty mess.
  2. I am a nervous hostess. 
  3. I am worried I haven't pre-made enough houses.
  4. I have to cook things for other people. 
  5. AND I have to cook food with carbs in them which I have been avoiding. In other words, I have to cook stuff that I don't need to eat. Fortunately, the only thing I have been craving is the no knead bread. 
Here are the pre-made houses - that's 24 Village Dwellings, 18 Village Brownstones, 26 Sizzix birdhouses, 18 Gable houses (my design - they need the roofs glued on). The cardboard in this photo is to make bases.

I made a sample house for a poster on what the decor options are. The whole poster is not finished yet, but you'll get the idea. I'll post the completed house poster when done - tomorrow probably.

I didn't want to waste a house by gluing it on the poster board, so I made a little bracket and clipped it on with some Tim Holtz little clips. The color scheme is the one recommended by my friend, Lynn in Montana. This color scheme works better on Christmas houses as opposed to Halloween houses.

These are some of the things I am going to put on the poster so people can visualize what is available to go on their houses. Sample roofs, wreaths, trees, cardboard vs. wood porch base, straw for columns, pipe cleaners, etc. I'm going to use clips and jingle brads to adhere these as well so I can use them later. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Just Finished Invitations to the House Making Party

I am having a "Little House Making Party" before the Christmas season really gets ramped up. It's a bit of challenge getting everything ready. I just finished the invitations.

Here is the invitation that I put on the bulletin board at work.

I made it using a new Tim Holtz die from Sizzix called Snowglobe 2. It has a LOT of little fiddly pieces so it's not something that I would make over and over, but I think it is perfect for this purpose.

The invitations look like this:

I made 60 of them using the Tim Holtz door painted and stamped to look like wood and then added a wreath on the door. Inside is just a folded piece of scrapbook paper. I included the party info on a slip of paper inserted behind the door. I didn't glue the party info page on because I think people can either use the door as a gift tag or even add a sentiment inside and use it as an ornament or card. I try to be versatile.

I did include my blog address so people could come here and read about the details on the party. I figure it's an easy way to get the information out. 

The Plan for the Little House Making Party:

1. Pre-Made Houses. The houses will already be built and primed. There will be 4 different designs to choose from. I am leaving off chimneys, windows, doors, and the bases so everyone will be able to choose how they want the house to look.

2. Paint the House. Paint will be available for painting the houses. Wear clothes that you don't care if paint gets on them. I don't think there is time to glitter the houses, not to mention the mess involved. I will have some way to dry the houses a little bit faster so crafting can proceed in a timely fashion.

3. Choose Design to cover with Scrapbook paper, if desired. There are a couple of designs that we can cover with scrapbook paper if that is how you would like to decorate your house. I have PLENTY of paper as I am a paper hoarder. You do not need to bring your own. I also have a lot of glue as well. Also you can use Christmas scrapbook paper to cover the bases as well. 

4. Add Decorative Elements to the House. When the painting is done, add windows, porch, columns (probably made out of colorful paper straws), chimneys.

5. Attach to Pre-Made Base. Hot glue to attach the house to its base so it will adhere quickly.

6. Embellish. Use bottle brush trees (about 1 large one per house, you can use a couple more of the smaller ones), Santas, Snowmen, greenery, little birds, sentiments, etc. I have LOTS of embellishments as well.

7. Take Photos at Photo Display.

I am hosting the party over 2 nights so people can choose which night is the most convenient to attend. I figure if I can get my house cleaned up for one night, I can keep it straight for a second night. 

I have 3 more Halloween houses I am trying to finish. I don't think I can get them done before Halloween, but I will have them done before my party in mid-November. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are doing well. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Make Your Own Original Putz House - Part 2

Ok, I drew up new patterns for the house that Katherine asked about. I am calling the pattern Jack's House after the first house I made with this pattern. I also scanned them and saved them as pdfs which are stored on Google docs - click on the link to get the pdf. I could not figure out how to embed the pdfs in blogger. Feel free to use the patterns if you want. Please do not post the patterns themselves on your website, but you are welcome to link back to this blog. And you are welcome to make as many houses as you want from these patterns.

Jack's House Pattern with measurements:
Click on above link to get pdf file to print

Jack's House Pattern - blank so you can shrink or enlarge it as you wish:
Click on above link to get pdf you can print.

Jack's House Pattern with Windows and Extension locations sketched in:
Click on this link for printable pdf pattern

Click on above like to get printable pdf pattern.

I hope this works.

I am busy making invitations to my November house-making party and selling the last few Halloween houses so I haven't made the last 3 Halloween houses  with this pattern yet. I will get to them.