Friday, July 28, 2017

Stone Stenciled Clock House

Addendum: I have a new blog - All of the contents of this blog are on the new blog as well. I hope you will stop by and be inspired by the newest projects. Let me know what you think. Thank you. 

This might be my favorite house. Well, maybe the top 3 (Abandoned Italianate house and the Stone house with 3 gables, although the Bat Wing houses are right up there as well). I started to make it for the PaperArtsy challenge "Aqua" but I didn't make the deadline. I wanted to do a very different roof - different color at least. You have to balance the roofs and the body of the house. If the house siding is very detailed you need a more muted roof. If the roof is very detailed, then the body of the house needs to be subdued. That's what I think anyway.

So here is my stone stenciled house. I made the siding by painting the house with a thick layer of black gesso that was heavily sanded - just using the sand you buy in a jar at the craft store. It gives a lovely, irregular bumpy texture. It's perfect for stone or a rough plaster.

You can see through the window a little. I painted the back side of all the windows with Glossy Accents to make it look like wavy glass. That way you can't see the candle as well. The light just looks spooky. I used the 13 hour clock that I found online. I outlined it with one of the Sizzix Industrial gears.

Then I used the mini-stone stencil from Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous and Iced Spruce Distress Oxide for the base of the stone. To give more dimension to each stone I painted over each of them with Hickory Smoke, Pumice Stone and/or Picket Fence paint. The stones are subtle, but I love them. At first I was unhappy with my choice of windows (window frames from the Village Manor) because I thought they covered up too much of the stone, but now I think it's perfect for this house.

I didn't use texture paste for the stones because I have such trouble with the seams between each strip of the stencil. This stencil is much smaller than the front and back of the house. I was able to work around it with the Distress Oxide inks, but it's much more difficult with texture paste. I will keep experimenting with it though.

Here is the back of the house where you can see the graveyard better. I cut out 3 layers of the Tim Holtz Graveyard die and painted them with grey paint mixed with sand. Then I painted the front of one of the cutouts black. I adhered the 3 layers together with the last layer, the black painted layer, slightly offset to give more dimension to the gravestones. Then I used Black Soot paint with a scraggly brush to distress it a little.

The graveyard doesn't really show up on the front. It is there just to add a little interesting detail in front of the tree. The tree is, of course, my favorite die cut tree - the Branch Tree from Tim Holtz and Sizzix. I think it is kind of retired, but you can still find it online.

The gate in the front is the Tim Holtz Gothic Gate. I cut it out of heavy cardstock and glued multiple layers together. I also cut off the posts on each side because they are too tall and I cut the gate in the middle to look like it could open - didn't really need to do that. It would be more sturdy without doing that. I put my standard 2 pumpkins out front. The hilly base is angled such that this was the only place for the pumpkins.

I am going to share this one with the PaperArtsy challenge "Dark to Light" because I think the stones definitely work as dark to light. Also the entire house is outlined in black with the fencing. 

I put some more details about actually making the house on the Cardboard Christmas Forum. If you want to learn about making little houses, this is the place to go. 

Thank you for reading. I do love comments.


  1. Love your project, it really looks fantastic and there are so many details to look at

  2. Lovely house, i love the pumpkins!

  3. Wow, I just love the stonework - gonna have to give that a try! The color combo is great too. Lucky person who gets this one!!!

  4. Hi Lucy! This house is definitely one of my favorites, too. The stonework is gorgeous. I am always amazed at your skill in achieving these types of effects. Very realistic looking. I love the color of the roof/windows. It's the perfect shade of blue/aqua and it looks so good with your stonework. I really love this fence - so perfect for a Halloween house - and I love how it goes around the outside of the base. And speaking of the base - another fantastic paint job! I don't know if it was your intention but to me it almost looks like this house is sitting on top of a rock somewhere. Beautiful and spooky. ;)

  5. Think this must be my favourite house too! I love all the detail and the colour palette. When can I move in!

  6. Wow Lucy this is amazing, those colours are fabulous together xx

  7. Hi from Northumberland! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to find this blog! I just got the Tim Holtz village dies and I've become kind of obsessed with house making now. I absolutely love this color combo-it really captures that weird shade of twilight when the moon is out and bright. I'll be following for sure now that I've found you!

  8. I just love your creation! This is really something. Love the stones and the colors.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer for your kind comments. This remains one of my very favorite houses.