Sunday, August 6, 2017

Revisiting Halloweens Past

I decided to go back and review some of my old houses - for ideas, to see the evolution of the Halloween houses, and for improvement. Most of these houses are on my home improvement blog - Green in Greenville which I haven't updated in a year.

Addendum: I have a new blog - All of the contents of this blog are on the new blog as well. I hope you will stop by and be inspired by the newest projects. Let me know what you think. Thank you. 

Here is the first set of Halloween houses I made. This photo is dated October 1, 2015.

This is one of my very first houses covered with Halloween scrapbook paper. My biggest fan has this one.  At first I made them on circular bases from leftover sticker rolls from work.

I love this Halloween paper. I made this one before I started reinforcing the fencing to make it more durable. Now I would make that fence with 3-4 layers of cardstock. The retired Martha Stewart punch won't work with cardboard. The heaviest cardstock it will punch is 65 pound bond.

Steampunk Lock and Key House - I made all the keys and locks with cardboard covered with aluminum tape and then painted them with various paints to age them.

I hand cut these shingles on the house below. This was before there was roof die available from Tim Holtz. I  like the color and the texture. This fence is another retired Martha Stewart punch. I forgot what a great fence it is. I will have to dig it out.

This is my Halloween book. I wrote about it in my second post on this blog. It is still a favorite of mine. I imagine it would look even better now that we have Distress Oxides which do an incredible job on sky backgrounds.

The Candy Corn House - I actually made 3 but this is most successful of the 3. Of course, the top of the base comes off so you can put a treat inside. I made the "candy" and pumpkins from polymer clay.

The first Bat Wing House. The idea certainly evolved from that to the current Bat Wing Houses. The tops does come off of this house as well.

Clockhouse on a Frosty Morn - still love this house.

This is the 3 Gable Gothic House - I really like the book, but the house seems a little bland to me. The house structure is good. It is very similar to the Stone House with 3 Gables.

 The Silhouette House

The house below is one of my very favorites even now. See the silhouette of the witch in the front window? This went to one of my coworkers with 2 little kids. They love the house.

This is Jennifer's house.

The back may be more interesting than the front. I like the darkish green base. I need to remember that for my next house with white (whitish) siding.

Looking back on my blog, I did the same thing last year - reminisced about the old houses. It can be good to look back to get an idea of what you want to do to go forward. I will probably do the same thing next year.

Ya'll take care. Stay cool.


  1. Very cool houses! I hope you got some ideas to help make some more for this year's exhibition!

  2. I had not seen quite a few of these, so thanks so much for sharing so much inspiration! I do love the Clockhouse but the one you chose as your favourite is pretty amazing too! Anne x

  3. I remember these houses. So fun to see them again! I can't pick a favorite but I do love the book, the clock house and the one with the rusted tin roof and the witch in the window.

  4. What a great collection of houses you have created over the years!

  5. So fascinating to see the evolution of your haunted houses... and it's also great to go back and remind oneself of fantastic elements, tools and techniques (that fence punch - yes! the gilded roof - amazing!) that get lost in time and craft room overload!
    Alison x

  6. Hello Lucy! I found you through the putz forums I lOVE all yor halloween houses! I was wondering if you could share the pattern for the house with copper roof/ jennifers house? or is it a die somewhere? thanks so much!!

  7. Katherine, thank you for asking about these 2 houses. I don't have a die for this house, but it turns out that you don't need one. It just so happens that this is an incredible easy house to make in terms of the basic structure. I will work on a post to explain it but it will take a few days. I have a few projects I'm working on now.

  8. Thanks for the quick reply! Thank you so much :)

  9. Hello Lucy,
    Love the houses, especially the detail in the roofs. I work mainly with cardstock and your blog has given me quite a few ideas to spruce up my houses. Latest project used Jennifer's house as inspiration for a Cricut die cutter project. Completed house can be seen at

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Jacques Leclerc

  10. Jacques, I love seeing your house based on one of my patterns. That is very flattering. I keep debating about getting a Cricut or not. I actually love using my dies, but I'm not so keen on hand-cutting.

    It means a lot that my blog provides inspiration for you. I love making little cardboard houses. Thank you so much for sharing your little house with me. Lucy